Workshops announced for National Convention


VANCOUVER – On Saturday, June 7 at 1:30 p.m. in the Student Union Building on the campus of UBC, Lutheran Church–Canada’s convention is offering seven workshops open to both delegates and members of LCC congregations. Signs will direct you to the workshop rooms.

Paid parking is available in the nearby parkade.

1. Keeping it Straight: the CTCR reports: Rev. Warren Hamp, chairman
LCC’s Commission on Theology and Church Relations has had a busy triennium. Discover how they have served God’s people as they provide guidance in matters of theology and relationships with other church bodies

2. Prayer: “Come to Him who answers prayer.”: Rev. Laverne Hautz
The Lord taught us how to pray. How do we put His teaching into practice?

3. Bible reading: It’s a matter of life: Rev. David Smilek
Being immersed in God’s Word is being immersed in His grace. Daily Bible reading can change your life!

4. Intercultural Ministry: Connecting for Christ across cultures: Rev. Gerhard Wilch
Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who are new to Canada is a continuing challenge. Learn ways to connect with new (and old) Canadians from different cultures.

5. God’s mission around the world: Rev. Dr. Leonardo Neitzel
LCC has a part in God’s mission to “make disciples of all nations.” Find out how our role is expanding by God’s grace.

6. Finding and sustaining the funding : Allen Schellenberg (Lutheran Foundation Canada)
Lutheran Foundation Canada presents ideas on short-term and long-term congregational funding and financial stewardship

7. Congregational Outreach: It’s a different world but the same message: Rev. Paul Roggow
Do you need an “evangelism committee” or simply find ways to engage with your community?