Synod Advisory Delegates and Representatives



Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee


President Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Edwin Lehman


President Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Ralph Mayan



Rev. Nolan Astley


Rev. Thomas Kruesel


Rev. Rudy Pastucha



Rev. Paul Schallhorn



Dwayne Cleave


District Presidents

ABC: Rev. Donald Schiemann

Central: Rev. Thomas Prachar

East: Rev. Paul Zabel

Board of Directors

Rev. Nolan Astley; Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee; Dwayne Cleave; Arnold Drung (chair); Grace Henderson; Rev. Karl Keller; Rev. Thomas Kruesel; Rev. Rudy Pastucha; Cameron Pelzer; Ronald Roller; Rev. Paul Schallhorn; Anne Taylor; Lorne Wirth.

Committee for Communication and Technology

Grace Henderson

Committee for Cultural Property and Archives

Lorne Wirth

Committee for Mission and Social Ministry Services

Rev. Dr. Karl Keller

Committee for Worship and Music

Allison Wonnick

Commission on Adjudication

Rev. Neil Stern

Commission on Constitutional Matters and Structure

Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee, Rev. Dr. Stephen Chambers, Herb Doering, Gary Gilmore, Rev. Paul Schallhorn, Rev. John Trembulak III

Commission on Theology and Church Relations

Rev. Warren Hamp, Rev. William Ney,

Lutheran Church–Canada Financial Ministries (Lutheran Foundation Canada)

Allen Schellenberg

Board of Managers-Worker Benefit Plans


Board of Regents – Concordia University College of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Dr. Gerald Krispen, John McDonald

Board of Regents – Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton, AB

Rev. Dr. James Gimbel, Rev. Daryl Solie

Board of Regents – Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Catharines, ON

Rev. Dr. Thomas Winger, Rev. Robert Krestick

ABC District

Central District

East District

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