Essayists announced for 2014 National Convention


Rev. Kurt Reinhardt and Deacon Jennifer Shack.

VANCOUVER – Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) has announced the names of the essayists for 2014’s national convention in Vancouver. Rev. Kurt Reinhardt (Trinity Evangelical Lutheran in Kurtzville, Ontario) and Deacon Jennifer Shack (Concordia University College of Alberta – CUCA) will present on the topics of prayer and the diaconate respectively.

Rev. Reinhardt is in his fifteenth year of serving the people of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran near Kurtzville, Ontario, which he has served since graduating from Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary (St. Catharines, Ontario). He has served as plenary speaker for Corpus Christi conferences in Sweden and Finland, speaking on the Holy Spirit and Life in Christ. His presentation is entitled “Come to Him Who Answers Prayer, ‘As Dear Children Ask Their Dear Father.’”

“Prayer is often a misunderstood aspect of the Christian life,” Rev. Reinhardt explains. “Many approach it from the viewpoint of the demands of the Law rather than the gifting of the Gospel. In his Small Catechism explanation of the introduction to the Lord’s Prayer, Martin Luther firmly roots our understanding of this key element of our Christian lives in the grace of the Gospel. Touching on the baptismal origins of the Christian’s prayer life, he describes our approach to God in prayer with the words “as dear children ask their dear Father.” This insightful Lutheran truth will provide the basis for our reflections on Christian prayer. Beginning with the family foundations of this precious gift of the Christian life, we will ponder its purpose and use in the lives of God’s children.”

Deacon Shack is pursuing a Ph.D. in biblical studies at McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, Ontario, having completed her M.A. at CUCA in 2011. She continues to teach part-time at CUCA from a distance, and was appointed Coordinator of Applied Religion (Church Work) at the college in August 2013. Deacon Shack’s presentation is entitled “The History and Biblical Foundation of the Diaconate in LCC.”

“The official diaconate of Lutheran Church Canada was established in 1999,” Deacon Shack explains. “My presentation will briefly review the reasons for the establishment of this office and the process by which it was done. It will also discuss the idea of ‘diaconate’ in the New Testament and show how the office of diaconate in Lutheran Church–Canada is in keeping with the spirit of the idea of diaconate in the New Testament. Finally, this presentation will also highlight the important contributions the diaconate has made to our church body in the last twenty-five years and the kinds of contributions we can expect in the future.”

For more information on the essayists and their topics, download this pdf here.


Convention business agenda set as committees meet


President Prachar, Rev. Ron Mohr, and Deaconess Miriam Winstanley

WINNIPEG – Three committees tasked with drafting resolutions for Lutheran Church–Canada’s (LCC) tenth convention met April 11-12 in Winnipeg. Chaired by LCC’s three district presidents, Rev. Tom Prachar (Central), Rev. Don Schiemann (ABC), and Rev. Paul Zabel (East), the members (drawn from the convention delegates) reviewed overtures submitted from across Canada, read reports published in the Convention Workbook, and found common areas of concern the convention can address under the topics of Faith, Witness, and Parish Services; Higher Education; and Constitutional, Administrative, and Financial Matters.

“These committees, along with the Nominations Committee which met last November, forge the business agenda for voting delegates to consider,” explained LCC President Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee. “It’s a difficult task to draw together so many threads and draft resolutions that embrace the direction members of Synod, its boards, commissions and institutions have presented to them.”

Once the committees complete the draft resolutions, all members of Synod and convention delegates will receive copies by email for comment. In the intervening weeks between publishing the resolutions and the opening of the convention, committee members will assess the feedback.

The committees will hold another face-to-face meeting June 6 at the convention site on the campus of the University of British Columbia when delegates can address the committees. Although the final drafts will be published for delegates’ consideration at the convention, each resolution is subject to amendment on the convention floor.

“Not every overture will necessarily become part of a resolution,” noted President Bugbee. “Some matters are best handled in ways other than majority vote by the national convention. They may be referred to district conventions or brought before other entities for assessment and possible action.”

Committees who determine an overture should not be presented as a resolution must still ask the voting delegates for consent to “decline the overture.”

All convention information and resolutions are at


First Pre-Convention Bulletin

The first Pre-Convention Bulletin for Lutheran Church–Canada’s 2014 Convention has now been released online. The bulletin includes details on dates and location, convention theme and format, information for delegates and those wishing to attend as registered visitors, and more.

A reminder that the deadline for registration is April 30.

Download the pre-convention bulletin here.

Convention Opening Service set for downtown Vancouver

The convention's opening Divine Service will take place in Holy Rosary Cathedral in downtown Vancouver

The convention’s opening Divine Service will take place in Holy Rosary Cathedral in downtown Vancouver.

WINNIPEG: Few forget the powerful preaching from God’s Word, stirring music, and congregational singing when Lutherans gather by the hundreds for Divine Service. Lutherans in the Vancouver area and Lower Mainland will have that opportunity Friday, June 6, at 7:30 p.m. in Holy Rosary Cathedral, 646 Richards St. in Vancouver at the opening service of Lutheran Church–Canada’s 10th national convention.

“We have to go to another sacred site for this event because none of our LCC parish churches have enough seating,” explained Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) President Robert Bugbee. “The cathedral seats 700 and we expect it will be full.” The convention will bus about 250 convention participants from UBC for the service. A similar service in Calgary last October at the Pastors and Deacons Conference attracted some 800 worshippers.

President Bugbee will preach at the service, focusing on the convention’s theme drawn from Psalm 65 “Come to Him who answers prayer.”

LCC president emeritus, Rev. Dr. Ralph Mayan, is chairing the committee responsible for the convention worship, including the opening service. Musicians and choir members will soon begin rehearsals for the event. “Our Vancouver and Fraser Valley congregations are rich with musical talent,” Dr. Mayan observed. “We are so thrilled to be able to bring them together to enhance this unique worship service.”

Holy Rosary Cathedral was built more than 100 years ago and features lively acoustics and a Karn-Warren Organ made by D. W. Karn & Co. of Woodstock, Ontario installed in the fall of 1900 and recently overhauled.

Convention to welcome international guests

Pastor David Altus is bishop of the South Australia/Northern Territory District of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Pastor David Altus is Bishop of the South Australia/Northern Territory District of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

WINNIPEG: Guests from several countries will attend Lutheran Church–Canada’s 10th national convention at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in June. The event will welcome representatives from confessional Lutheran church bodies in Australia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

“Our Canadian church deeply cherishes the relationships we have forged through the International Lutheran Council (ILC) and through our own mission work,” noted Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee, President of Lutheran Church–Canada and Vice-Chairman of the ILC. “We are honoured to have them join us and share with us their vibrant Christian witness.”

The international guests will address the convention at various times throughout the weekend and participate in all aspects of the gathering.

Leaders of other ILC churches have sent written greetings which will be distributed in the daily Action Plan.

Resolution committees for 2014 convention

CANADA – The resolution committees for Lutheran Church–Canada’s (LCC) upcoming national convention are now finalized. There will be three committees, each chaired by one of LCC’s district presidents.

Committee #1 – Faith/Witness/Parish Services
President Paul J. Zabel, Chairman (East-Clergy)
Rev. Clint Magnus (ABC-Clergy)
Mr. Randy Popp (Central-Lay)
Mr. Larry Walter (ABC-Lay)
Rev. Mark L. Smith (Central-Clergy)
Ms. Jennifer Shack (East-Deacon/Advisory)

Committee #2 – Higher Education
President Thomas E. J. Prachar, Chairman (Central-Clergy)
Ms. Miriam Winstanley (ABC-Deacon/Advisory)
Mr. Howard Famme (East-Lay)
Rev. Brian Amison (ABC-Clergy)
Mr. Todd Haas (Central-Lay)
Rev. Ron Mohr (East-Clergy/Advisory)

Committee #3 – Constitutional/Administrative/Financial Matters
President Donald R. Schiemann, Chairman (ABC-Clergy)
Mr. Roland Naujoks (East-Lay)
Rev. Jeremy Swem (Central-Clergy)
Mr. Richard Otke (ABC-Lay)
Ms. Alyx Quinlan (Central-Deacon/Advisory)
Rev. Larry Flohr (East-Clergy)


Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees announced

CANADA – The nominees for President and Vice-President for election at Lutheran Church–Canada’s 2014 national convention have now been announced.

One person has accepted the nomination to stand for President: Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee (49 nominations).

Five other pastors were nominated for President but declined the nomination: Rev. Donald R. Schiemann (2 nominations), Rev. Nolan Astley (1 nomination), Rev. Gerhard Maag (1 nomination), Rev. Robert Krestick (1 nomination), and Rev. Donald A. Schieman (1 nomination).

Five people have accepted the nomination to stand for Vice-President. From the Alberta-British Columbia District are Rev. Thomas Krusel (14 nominations) and Rev. David Bode (2 nominations). From the Central District, the nominees are Rev. Rudy Pastucha (13 nominations), and Rev. Mark L. Smith (2 nominations). In the East District, the one nominee to accept the nomination is Rev. Nolan Astley (15 nominations).

Four other pastors were nominated for Vice-President but declined the nomination. From the Central District was Rev. Daryl Solie (4 nominations), and from the East District were Rev. Dr. Brian King (3 nominations), Rev. Robert Krestick (2 nominations), and Rev. Timothy Teuscher (2 nominations).

Additional biographical information on the candidates will appear in the convention workbook. Nominations may also be made from the floor of the convention. Any delegate making a nomination from the floor must have first secured written consent of the candidate being nominated. This information, along with biographical information, must be presented to the Committee for Convention Nominations.

If you intend to make a nomination from the floor during the convention, it is requested that you advise synod in advance. This will ensure convention planners have the nominee’s biographical information available for delegates promptly. Forward intentions-to-nominate to

Slate of nominees for 2014 convention announced

CANADA – The Nominations Committee for Lutheran Church–Canada’s (LCC) 2014 convention has announced the slate of nominees for open positions in LCC boards and commissions.


Nominations may also be made from the floor during convention. Any delegate making a nomination from the floor must have first secured written consent of the candidate being nominated. This information, along with biographical information, must be presented to the Committee for Convention Nominations.


If you intend to make a nomination from the floor during the convention, it is requested that you advise synod in advance. This will ensure convention planners have the nominee’s biographical information available for delegates promptly. Forward intentions-to-nominate to


Additional information on 2014’s convention—Come to Him Who Answers Prayer—is available at

2014 Slate of Nominees:

Board of Directors:Convention to elect: 3 lay people/deacons (1 Central, 2 East District); 1 pastor-at-large

  1. Cindy Scholdice – Central District
  2. Herb Wildeman – Central District
  3. Arnold Drung – East District
  4. Rev. Kevin Fast – East District
  5. Alan Schmitt – East District
  6. Rev. David Milette – East District

Commission on Adjudication: Convention to elect: 1 lay person (ABC); 2 pastors (1 Central, 1 East)

  1. Deacon Monica Schultz – ABC District
  2. Rev. Harold Borchardt – Central District
  3. Rev. Richard Frey – East District

Commission on Theology and Church Relations: Convention to elect: 1 pastor; 1 lay person/deacon

  1. Rev. Colin Liske – ABC District
  2. David Faerber – East District
  3. Rev. Joel Kuhl – East District
  4. Deacon Jennifer Shack – East District

Board of Regents, Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton, AB: Convention to elect: 2 pastors; 1 lay person/deacon. Two people from ABC and one from Central are required.

  1. Rev. Michael Keith – ABC District (withdrawn)
  2. Ian Lande – ABC District
  3. Rev. Scott Lyons – ABC District
  4. Rev. Peter Van Katwyk – ABC District
  5. Deacon Natalie Keith – Central District
  6. Rev. Daryl Solie – Central District

Board of Regents, Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Catharines, ON: Convention to elect: 2 pastors; 1 lay person/deacon. One person from Central and two from East are required.

  1. Rev. Cameron Schnarr – Central District
  2. Alfred Feth – East District (withdrawn)
  3. Andrew Jackson – East District
  4. Rev. David Saar – East District

Board of Regents, Concordia University College of Alberta, Edmonton, AB: Convention to elect: 2 pastors; 1 lay person/deacon

  1. Don Haberstock – ABC District
  2. Rev. Jacob Quast –Central District
  3. Rev. Mark Danielson – East District
  4. Rev. Richard Frey – East District


2014 theme builds on previous convention


CANADA – The logo and theme for Lutheran Church–Canada’s 2014 national convention have been announced. The convention, which will take place June 6-9 at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, will have as its theme: “Come to Him Who Answers Prayer” (Psalm 65:2).

President Robert Bugbee, in presenting the proposed theme to the Board of Directors in 2013, noted that this year’s theme is intended to build on that used at the 2011 convention: “In Your Light, We See Light” (Psalm 36:9). President Bugbee explains the previous theme in this way: “We have attempted to highlight how God—through His Word—sheds light into our own lives and the situation in which we and our congregations find ourselves. There has also been a strong synodical emphasis on biblical literacy, a crying need in our midst. Instead of repeating statements about the Bible’s authority and inerrancy, stress has been placed on the constant use of the Word. This has resulted in formal efforts in various parishes and in some entire circuits.”

“There is value in building thematically on what we did three years ago,” he goes on to explain, “so that valid truths emphasized during the last synodical term will not be left behind, but expanded and deepened. It is important that even a noble effort like daily Bible reading not merely be a ‘project’ one starts and finishes so people can say they’ve ‘done it,’ almost like earning a Boy Scout merit badge. Nor should Bible reading be a mere academic undertaking, where people amass new knowledge just to talk, discuss, or even argue about it.”

“I’m persuaded that stressing prayer and a devotional life could be a healthy way to build on the 2011 theme. Word and prayer go together; by His Word, the Lord speaks to us. In our prayers, we speak back to Him. Studying the Word without prayer can become a barren exercise. On the other hand, even an active prayer life not rooted in the Word will go off the mark, and will be tempted to impose on God the pious priorities we think are important.”

To illustrate how this convention’s theme and the last are connected, 2014’s logo (designed by Scott Refvik) uses the same colour scheme as 2011’s. The open Bible is clearly visible, as it was in the previous logo, but with it now appears the bowed head and praying hands of the Christian. The grey lines of the praying arms and the red lines of the open Scriptures are intentionally intertwined, illustrating the inseparability of the prayer and Scripture-reading. That together they form a cross is a firm reminder that the God “who answers prayer” is Christ, and that we “come to Him” ultimately through His death and resurrection.

Tenth Convention of Lutheran Church–Canada

logo 2014 RGB 100dpi

Lutheran Church–Canada will meet in its tenth convention June 6-9, 2014 on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, B.C. The news and information on this site will assist members of synod and delegates to prepare for the event.

The live-stream of the Convention has now completed. Interested parties can now view all sessions as initially broadcast by visiting:—canada. At a later date, individual videos of special clips (eg, Rev. Kurt Reinhardt’s two presentations, Deacon Jennifer Shack’s presentation, etc) will be uploaded individually.