Lutheran Laymen’s League of Canada becomes LCC auxiliary

Executive Director Stephen Klink and the LLL Canada display.

Managing Director Stephen Klinck and the LLL Canada display. (Photo: Gabor Gasztonyi)

VANCOUVER – On Saturday, Lutheran Church–Canada’s (LCC) 2014 National Convention voted unanimously to accept Lutheran Laymen’s League of Canada (LLL Canada) as an official LCC auxiliary.

Stephen Klinck, Managing Director of LLL Canada was on hand for the event and addressed the convention immediately following the vote. He thanked the convention for officially welcoming LLL Canada as an auxiliary of LCC.

“Since its incorporation in 1967, the Lutheran Laymen’s League of Canada has sought to assist in the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and equipping and encouraging congregations and individuals as they do the same,” Managing Director Klinck said. “The action of the convention to grant us auxiliary status is both affirming and encouraging and I am sure that the men and women of LLL Canada will appreciate it as much as I do.”

The International Lutheran Laymen’s League has long been an auxiliary of LCC, but until this convention the Canadian organization—affiliated with but separate from the Missouri-based International LLL—has never received the same status. The Canadian agency recently petitioned LCC’s Board of Directors to become an auxiliary—an act the Convention was more than happy to approve, welcoming the new auxiliary and giving “thanks to God for the ongoing work of the Lutheran Laymen’s League of Canada.”


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